Can Folders of Contacts be Assigned to Specific Users?

I still have the old WebAsyst system running, with different users seeing their own folders and not seeing those of other users (offices.)

I also have the new WebAsyst and Mailer installed. Is there a way, in the new system, that I can assign different offices their own folders? Each needs to handle their own contacts and not see the contacts of other offices. In the main office, I need to see them all.


- Mike H.

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    Mike Webasyst December 7, 2015 02:40 #

    In the new Contacts (Contacts PRO), there are no folders for contacts. There are lists, and each contact can be added to multiple lists.

    What you can hide from other users is individual lists and filtes, and that only not to interfere with other users' work by showing them the lists you personally work with.

    Thus, lists are not for storing contacts but for organizing them. I'm afraid, I cannot see a way for you to achieve what you had in the old version. I will pass your question on to the developers so that they think of adding this functionality.

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      Mike Hickcox Mike Hickcox December 7, 2015 15:58 #

      Thank you for the clarification.

      The old system was perfect for our use. Contacts PRO would be the perfect replacement if I could assign folders to the users. I'll watch to see if this becomes possible.

      - Mike H.

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    Let me know for contacts customization.

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