How to create a blog on your site

1. Install Blog app

To install the app, sign up for an account in Webasyst Cloud. It is free and will take you only a few minutes.

The free trial period lasts 30 days.

The alternative installation method, for experienced users, is to install Webasyst framework, which is the software platform of the Blog app, on your web server. Then add Blog app in the "Installer" section of the installed Webasyst backend.

2. Start posting!

Right after the installation, you begin posting messages on your site. Add posts using the "New post" link in Blog app. All published posts will be visible on your site powered by Webasyst.


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    Grawhite32 Grawhite32 April 24, 2018 21:15 #

    The problem i have is i can not post anything after the first blog post, how do you create new posts.

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      Mike Mike April 25, 2018 09:15 #

      Click "New post" to add another blog post.

      Add content to a post draft and then publish it.

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