How to obtain a database dump

A database dump is a file with database contents and special commands used to re-create its complete copy on another server. So, a dump is a backup copy of a database, which you can use to restore your database to the state it was in when the dump file was created.

On your server

You can obtain a database dump by using a database management tool in your web-hosting control panel. Quite often popular web application phpMyAdmin is used for this purpose by web hosting companies. Use the Export tab in that web app to download a dump file to your computer. During export, you can optionally select the exported file to be automatically compressed to a ZIP or TAR.GZ archive.

On Webasyst Cloud

You can obtain a database dump of your account in the Cloud app or in the Customer Center’s section “Account” via the “Backups” link.

On the page opened by that link, use the “Download a database dump” button.


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