Importing message templates into Mailer

For creating email templates, Mailer offers a built-in template editor. it is accessible via "New template" link in "Templates" section.

However, if you feel comfortable while creating templates using any other editor, you can easily transfer them into Mailer using the template import feature as described below.

  1. Create an email template in your favorite editor.
  2. If you want to use images in your template, specify their URLs relative to their location inside the folder with the template, saved as an HTML file, on your computer; e.g.:

    <img src="./image.png">
  3. Save all useful content of the template's folder as a ZIP archive.

    Note that the folder itself should not be archived, only its contents must be added to an archive.
  4. Click on "Import template" in section "Templates" of Mailer app and upload your ZIP archive.

Done! Upon the upload, a new template will appear, which you have created and imported. If you used embedded images with relative URLs in your template, as described above in this article, then those images will be moved to a special server directory and their relative URLs will be converted to absolute ones accordingly.

Now you can create new email campaigns using your imported: New campaign → select template, and send them to your subscribers.


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