License purchase or rent: which is better?

You have 2 options for using paid apps in Webasyst Cloud: either to purchase or to rent a license.

The rent option is available only for apps. Paid plugins, design themes, and widgets can be used only upon license purchase.

How to choose an app licensing option

Mailer app

When using Mailer, you pay only for the messages that you send via that app. Therefore, you do not need to purchase a license for Mailer when hosted in Webasyst Cloud. A license is necessary, only if you want to install Mailer on your own web-hosting server.

Other apps

With all other apps, on Webasyst Cloud, you have a choice between the renting and purchasing a license.

  • Rent option allows you to quickly start working without large expenses at the very beginning, because monthly rent is lower than the license price. Once you feel comfortable and decide to keep working with Webasyst, it is advisable to purchase licenses for your apps. This way you obtain the lifetime right to use the apps and reduce your monthly bills by the a price of the rent.

    To start quickly and to pay little at the beginning, choose the rent option.
  • Purchase option means that you have to pay the price of paid licenses at the very start. However, this is a more profitable option, because it allows to you to save on monthly rent.

    Purchase of a license also enables you to transfer your website from Webasyst Cloud to any other server of your choice.

    To save on monthly rate, to obtain lifetime licenses, and to be able to move to another web-hosting server, choose the purchase option.


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