How to add a new user

In Team app

  1. In Team app click New user.

  2. Type the new user’s email address.
  3. Decide whether you want to create a login name and a password for a user.

    The option to enter a login name and a password for a new user is not available if sign-in only with Webasyst ID is enabled in the Settings app.

    If you do not enable this option, then a user will receive an email invitation with a special link to open a page for saving their login name and password.

  4. Select groups for a user. The selection of groups may define user’s basic access rights.
  5. Confirm the adding of a new user.

If you have saved a password for a new user

In this case a user can already log into your Webasyst backend.

If you have not saved a password for a new user

In this case a user has to click the link in an email invitation within 72 hours and save their login name and password to log in. Should this not happen, the invitation link gets expired, and you will have to send another invitation to a user.

Extend a user’s individual access rights

By default, a user shares access rights with the groups he is included in. To extend a user’s access rights obtained from groups, or if you have not included a user in any group, add personal access rights to a user.


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