Transferring data from a Webasyst Cloud account to your own web server

If you have an account in the Webasyst Cloud, you may transfer all your user data to any other web server. To do so, write an email request to Webasyst support team at Archives with user data from Cloud accounts are created for Cloud users free of charge. Then copy the archive contents to your own server following the instructions provided below.

  1. Install Webasyst framework on your web server.
  2. Use Installer to install all apps, plugins, design themes, and widgets which you had installed in your Cloud account
  3. Extract the contents of the user data archive anywhere on your computer.
  4. Upload the extracted folders to the framework installation directory on the server. Replace existing folders and files when prompted.
  5. In the copied wa-config/db.php file, add correct database connection credentials for your new server.
  6. Delete all tables created by the framework installation routine from the database.
  7. Import the .sql file from the provided archive into your database.
  8. Clear the “CDN” field contents in Site app settings.
  9. Clear cache in the Settings app.
  10. If signup with Webasyst ID is enabled in section Settings → Webasyst ID then disable and enable it again to reset users authorization data.
For various operations with the database, use phpMyAdmin or any other similar tool in your web-hosting control panel.


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