Installing Shop-Script via GitHub repo

We provide web developers with free access to a private Shop-Script repository on GitHub. To get access to the repository, please submit a request on the “Download” page.

Access to the Shop-Script repository means the right to install the product either on a local server or on a remote web server for development or demo purposes only. To open an online store, you must purchase a license of Shop-Script.

Once you have received access to the repository, install Shop-Script by following these instructions:

  1. Install Webasyst framework either by downloading the installation archive from our server or from the public framework repository on GitHub. Please follow the installation instructions.

  2. Download the source code of Shop-Script from the repository to subdirectory wa-apps/shop on your web server where the framework is installed.


    cd /PATH_TO_WEBASYST/wa-apps/shop/
    git clone ./


    cd /PATH_TO_WEBASYST/wa-apps/shop/
    svn checkout ./
  3. Enable Shop-Script in framework configuration file wa-config/apps.php by adding the following line:
    'shop' => true,
  4. Sign into the installed Webasyst framework user backend and click on the Shop-Script icon in the main menu.
The Shop-Script repository is available for reading only. If you would like to suggest changes or additions to the source code of the framework or individual applications, please use the corresponding functionality provided on (Pull Request).


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