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How to process requests from your customers using Helpdesk app

For processing written requests from your clients, it is convenient to use a special tool allowing you to track the correspondence history for each client and to organize a well-structured customer requests processing workflow for your employees and even for entire departments in your company. Helpdesk app is such a tool for your online store.

Install Helpdesk via Installer in your Shop-Script backend.

In Helpdesk backend section "Admin → Workflows" add the sources, email addresses and web forms, via which you want to receive new requests from your clients. In the properties of each of your sources, be sure to select a state in your workflow setup to which new requests must be forwarded. Such a state may be called "New", for example. Read more about adding sources to workflow setup.

For testing purposes, send your self a request and try to answer it using "All requests" link.

When viewing a request received from a client in Helpdesk, you can see several links under the client's name which provide you with access to the information about client's actions in your online store: placed orders, posted comments in the forum or blog, received email newsletters.

When processing a request from a client, you can easily take all this information into account and provide better and faster response.

Advantages of Helpdesk app as compared to ordinary email clients

  1. When viewing a client request, you have easy access to all client-related information.
  2. At any time, you have an easy way to view all requests requiring response by your support team.
  3. Your clients can view the entire correspondence with your support team in their online accounts, even if email messages with your responses go lost.
  4. If you have been working quite a while on a difficult request, your client can receive auto notifications on the current status.
  5. Convenient distribution of responsibility for client request processing among your individual colleagues end entire company divisions.

Read more about Helpdesk features.


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