Product types in Shop-Script

Product types are used in Shop-Script for more convenient product management.

Availability of product features

Under "Features" tab of each product's editing page you can specify various additional product features; e.g., color, size, weight, dimensions, manufacturer name, country of origin, power, etc.

An online store catalog may contain very different products; e.g., both food and household goods. In this case, as the store administrator, you will hardly want to see features peculiar to one of these product types in the properties of those belonging to the other type when adding new or editing existing products.

In order to make the entering of feature values for different product types more convenient, set up several product types and assign corresponding features to each of the types. To manage product types and product features, use backend section "Settings → Product types & Features".

Availability of products on different storefronts

It is convenient to use product types to publish products in different storefronts.

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