Web push notifications on new orders

This guide is valid only for Shop-Script below version 8.4.8. As of Shop-Script 8.4.8, enable web push notifications in Settings app.

In Shop-Script, you can set up and enable web push notifications to quickly learn about new orders. Web push notifications appear directly on your computer screen, and you do not have to look into your backend to read them.

Web push notifications will only work, if your Shop-Script is available via https://. An SSL certificate for your domain name is required for that.

These notification work in most browsers but not in all of them. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X. The full list of supported versions is available on the documentation page.

Web push notifications are sent via OneSignal service. Occasional delays may occur in its operation; therefore, some notifications may be shown to you not immediately but in a few minutes after an order is placed.

How to set up web push notifications

  1. Install an SSL certificate for your store's domain name.
    In Webasyst Cloud, you can order an SSL certificate via Cloud app.
  2. Open OneSignal website and sign up for an account using “Get started” button for “Web Push” option. Or log in if you already have an account
  3. Click “Add a new app”.

  4. Enter any name for your app and click “Create”.
  5. Select “Website Push” platform and click “Next”.

  6. Under “Choose Integration” select “Typical Website”.

  7. Under “Site Setup” type your website or company name and the HTTPS address of your website without trailing slash.

  8. Under “Permission Prompt Setup” click “Add a prompt” to set up the window which will request Shop-Script backend users’ consent on showing them push notifications.

    Select “Custom link” option.
    Change or keep other options’ values at your discretion.
  9. Under “Welcome Notification” disable option “Send welcome notification after subscribing” so that no useless “thank you” message is shown to Shop-Script backend users after they confirm to receive push notifications.
  10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

  11. On the next page do not change anything, simply scroll down and click “Finish”.

  12. To show push notifications to Safari browser users, click “Apple Safari” in the platform list.

    In the pop-up area, type your website or company name and the HTTPS address of your website without trailing slash., and click “Save”.

    In the platform list click again “Apple Safari”. In the pop-up area copy the “Web ID” value.

  13. In section “Keys & IDs” copy “OneSignal App ID” and “REST API Key” values.

  14. Open Shop-Script backend via the https:// URL which you specified in OneSignal app settings.

    Open "Settings → General settings" section and enable "Web push notifications" setting.

    Complete settings fields using the values copied from OneSignal app properties.

    Save Shop-Script settings.

How to enable web push notifications

Open Shop-Script backend via the https:// URL which you specified in OneSignal app settings.

In “Orders” section, enable "Web push notifications" checkbox.

If you open your backend at the http:// address rather than https://, then the web push notification option will not be available.

Done! Enable web push notifications on every computer where you ant to receive them.

If a browser requests your confirmation to show popup notifications, select to show notifications.


  • +1
    manojwebcode@gmail.com manojwebcode@gmail.com May 30, 2018 09:30 #

    I am not using cloud and using godaddy hosting, now installed a Certum trusted ssl certificate, Will it work ok for Web Push notifications Or I need something else?


    • +1
      Mike Mike May 30, 2018 09:33 #

      You may try. Let us know if it doesn't work.

    • +1
      info@srinternet.net info@srinternet.net Expert Developer September 12, 2018 14:36 #

      I try using pushassist.com

      how to put their credentials??

      API Key.


      Secret Key.


      • +1
        Mike Mike September 12, 2018 18:34 #

        Shop-Script uses only OneSignal as the push notifications provider, so you can enter only their credentials.

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