Check list for opening a new online store

Below is provided a comprehensive list of what you might need to open a Shop-Script based online store.

    Set up online store
  1. Install Shop-Script on a web-hosting server; e.g., in Webasyst Cloud or on your own server.
  2. Register a domain name and make your storefront accessible on the new domain.
  3. Choose a design theme and install it via the built-in Installer.
  4. Add products:
    • complete META tags and descriptions,
    • upload product photos,
    • specify price and stock balance for product SKUs,
    • complete values of the “Weight” feature for correct shipping cost calculation,
    • set up recommended products,
    • add tags to generate a tag cloud,
    • add some products to promo list to be displayed as special offers on the home page.
  5. Set up shipping and payment methods.
  6. Choose checkout steps order.
  7. Set up email and text (SMS) notifications for various order actions.
  8. Enable discounts.
  9. Enable affiliate program.
  10. Enable product filters by parameters (features).
  11. Set up follow-ups, which are automatically sent to customers in several days upon order payment.
  12. Enable and set up customer account on your website:
    • select contact fields to be visible and available for editing by customers
  13. Set up order processing workflow for store administrator.
  14. Place and process several test orders to ensure smooth ordering experience for customers when the store goes live.
  15. Check usability of other actions performed by customers:
    • adding reviews about products,
    • editing personal profile,
    • product search,
    • products comparison,
    • receiving order notifications and follow-ups.
  16. Add info pages to website:
    • feedback page,
    • contact info page,
    • page describing payment, shipping, and refund conditions.
  17. Select desired URL type for product and category pages.
  18. Specify robots.txt directives.
  19. Organize business
  20. Establish a legal entity (company) as required by your local legislation.
  21. Register your company in state authorities.
  22. Open a bank account.
  23. Organize financial accounting.
  24. Conclude contracts with product suppliers.
  25. Conclude contracts with shipping companies to deliver ordered products to customers.
  26. Conclude contracts with payment services to accept payments for orders.
  27. Organize warehousing.
  28. Prepare working places for your staff.
  29. Establish a support service to efficiently respond to email and phone requests from customers.
  30. Promotion & development
  31. Submit your website's URL to search engines.
  32. Sign up for an account in an online statistics service; e.g., Google Analytics.
  33. Add an online consultant form to your website and ensure fast processing of incoming inquiries.
  34. Add a news and articles publishing section with commenting option to your website.
  35. Organize bulk emailing of news and special offers to customers.
  36. Organize collection of contact information from website visitors using subscription forms, to send them email newsletters.
  37. Launch a context advertising campaign; e.g., via Google AdWords.
  38. Set up integration with social networks.
  39. Purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name and enable secure checkout option (over HTTPS).
  40. Set up connection to a CDN provider to speed up page loading times in your online storefront.


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