Custom currency configuration

Ordinary currency settings are available in section “Settings → Currencies”.

However, there are some special currency settings, which you can edit only via configuration files. Configuration files must contain valid PHP arrays with certain values shown below in this article.

To create or edit a configuration file in Webasyst Cloud, send a request to the support team.

Change currency symbol

Create or edit file wa-config/currency.php. Its contents will affect the use of currencies mentioned in the file in all apps including Shop-Script and CRM.

Example for U.S. dollar (USD):

return array(
    'USD' => array(
        'sign' => 'US$', //instead of default '$'
        'sign_HTML' => 'US$', //use this option to change currency sign only in the storefront

Value 'sign_html' is used only in the storefront. Value 'sign' is used both in the storefront and in the backend.


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