Different design settings for different storefronts

Using design theme clones

If your online store has multiple storefronts, you might need to apply different design theme settings to them; e.g., colors, captions, or social media widgets.

To do so, create design theme clones and apply them to different storefronts.

  1. In section “Storefront → Appearance” select an original design theme and create its clone.

  2. For setting “Themes to clone” select recommended option “all themes”.

  3. Change the default clone name so that you understand what it’s supposed to be used for, by its name. You will have to select the clone in storefront settings.
  4. In section “Storefront” select another storefront and go to its subsection “Settings”. Select the created theme clone in it.

  5. Save storefront settings.

Done! Now you can save individual settings for the created design theme clone, different from those of the original theme, which will be applied only to one of your storefronts. The first storefront, with the original theme, will keep its own settings.


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