How to change text strings in Shop-Script storefront

Various text strings displayed in the storefront right after the installation of Shop-Script (e.g., "Shopping cart", "Find products", etc.) are embedded in design theme templates in the form of snippets like [`text`] where text is the ID of the appropriate text string stored in the localization files. Localization files are processed by the gettext mechanism. Localization of text strings displayed in the storefront by means of gettext is used for convenient storage of all strings in one place and their fast processing.

If you need to modify some of those strings, do not edit localization files. Instead simply replace the entire snippet [`text`] with your text. For example, if you need to change the header displayed at the top of the shopping cart viewing page, open backend section "Storefront" and edit the cart.html template by replacing [`Shopping cart`] with your custom text as shown below.


<h1>[`Shopping cart`]</h1>


<h1>Your shopping cart</h1>


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