How to set up and use product features

In addition to products' basic properties such as name, URL, images, recommended products, etc., you can show their extra features; e.g., color, size, weight, purpose, screen size, power, etc.

Custom product features can contain data of various types: simple text string, long multi-line text, number, color value, numerical value with a measure unit (length, power, weight, area, time), or simple logical "yes/no" value. These extra details provide additional useful information to shoppers about your products.

What different types of product features can be used for.

Extra product features are set up in “Settings → Product types & Features” section.

Individual products’ features must be completed in “Products” section.

Special feature: weight

The feature with ID weight is a special one, because it is used to store products' weight which is taken into account by various shipping cost calculation plugins. You cannot delete this feature or alter its identifier.

Automated SKU selection via feature values

In addition to simply providing additional information about a product, custom features can also facilitate the selection of the desired SKU by a shopper in the storefront. Suppose that a client wants to order a pair of shoes of size 9 and white color. With the automated SKU selection option, a client can simply click on the desired feature values, and the corresponding SKU will be automatically added to the shopping cart.

How to set up

  1. To set up the relation between various combinations of features values and product SKUs, we need features with format "Multiple values selection from a list". In our example with shoes, let us create 2 features of this type: "Size" and "Color". Add several values to the features as shown in the picture:

    In these features’ properties, enable options “Show on website” and “Available for editing of feature values for product SKUs”.
  2. Now let us add a new product and enable mode "Selectable parameters" under the Basics tab. In this mode, enable all values of the "Size" and "Color" features, whose combinations you have available for ordering.
  3. After saving the product, Shop-Script will automatically generate SKUs corresponding to all combinations of the selected feature values.

Now open the public URL of your new product in the storefront to see that a customer is offered a choice of various feature values rather than a list of individual SKUs. By selecting these values, a customer actually selects the corresponding SKU which is then added to the shopping cart.


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