Delivering orders by couriers with the mobile app

The functionality described in this article is available as of version Shop-Script 10.

With the Shop-Script mobile app, you can connect couriers to your online store to organize delivery of orders to your customers. Each of the couriers can see only the orders assigned to them by the store administrator on their smartphone or tablet.

A courier is one of your employees, whom you need to add in the “Team” app. Just like other employees, they have to be granted certain access rights to work with orders in the mobile app.

Connecting couriers to your store

Each courier must be set up in a certain way: add their user profiles, set up access rights, and explain how to use the mobile app, as described below.

  1. Enable sign-in with Webasyst ID in the Settings app.
  2. Add a courier to your team in the Team app.
    Choose one of these user-adding methods:
    • by email,
    • by link,
    • login & password.
  3. In the Team app, go to the courier’s user profile and open their access rights settings.
  4. Select access rights settings for the Shop-Script app.
  5. Enable access right level Shop-Script → Limited access → Can manage orders → Courier.
  6. In the access setting Can perform order actions select the actions which will be required for the courier to work with orders via the mobile app. E.g., the “Mark as Completed” action, which can be used to confirm a successful order delivery.

    You can also add a custom action for such a confirmation in the store settings and enable access to that action for a courier.
  7. Confirm the access rights selection using the Save button.
  8. Ask the courier to enable sign-in with Webasyst ID. To facilitate this process, send them an email invitation from the courier’s profile page in the Team app or from section Settings → Webasyst ID.
  9. Ask the courier to install the Shop-Script mobile app on a smartphone or a tablet.
  10. Ask the courier to sign into the mobile app using their Webasyst ID credentials:
    • either by an email address and a password,
    • or by a phone number and a confirmation code from an SMS notification (a phone number must be saved in the courier’s user profile in the Team app),
    • or by a QR code, which the courier can view on their profile page in the Team app using the Mobile app sign-in via QR button.
  11. Tell the courier which actions they have to execute on orders in the mobile app. E.g., tap on the “Mark as Completed” button to confirm a successful order delivery.

How to assign orders to couriers

Now you can assign orders, received from customers, to individual couriers as follows:

  1. In the Orders section, open an order to be delivered by a courier.
  2. Click on the Sent button.
  3. Select a courier’s name in the drop-down list and save the selection.

To select another courier, click the Edit shipping details button and select another courier’s name.

How to process orders in the mobile app

Instructions for a courier:

  1. Open the Shop-Script mobile app.
  2. In the Orders section, open one of the available orders.
  3. Deliver the order to the customer address displayed on an order-viewing screen.
  4. To confirm a successful delivery, tap the order action button as instructed by the store administrator; e.g., the “Mark as Completed” button.

Keep processing all orders, displayed in the mobile app, in the same way.


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