Fixing product image thumbnails not generated on the fly

Automatic generation of image thumbnails on the fly is ensured by the correct functioning of server-side software: installed and correctly configured mod_rewrite module (how to check) when web server Apache is used or by nginx + FastCGI for which we suggest using our tested configuration.

Below are listed several configuration issues which may result in image thumbnail generation failures.

1. Website is powered by Apache and requests to images are processed by nginx bypassing Apache

Such configuration is sometimes used by web-hosting companies to reduce load on Apache web server without applying our recommended configuration to their nginx server.


  • change web hosting configuration which forwards all requests to image files directly to nginx
  • use recommended configuration for nginx web server

2. Auto subdomain creation is enabled

This option changes the values of some server variables and thus prevents image thumbnails from being correctly generated by Webasyst. To resolve the issue, desable auto subdomain creation in your web-hosting account.

3. Incorrect permissions for thumbnail directory

Make sure that server user executing PHP scripts has sufficient permissions to create and modify the contents of the main directory used for storing thumbnail files: wa-data/public/shop/products/

4. Original image file is missing

If the original image file may be missing on the server, then there is nothing to create a thumbnail from. In this case you need to upload the image again for thumbnails to be generated correctly.

5. Files responsible for thumbnail generation are missing or corrupted

Check whether these files are not missing or empty:

  • wa-data/public/shop/products/.htaccess
  • wa-data/public/shop/products/thumb.php


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