How to disable lazy loading of product lists in Shop-Script 5 storefront

If there is a large number of products in a category or a list then by default only a part of the list is displayed in the storefront to avoid that a storefront visitor needs to wait for a very long list to be loaded in the browser. When the page is scrolled down the remaining products are loaded and displayed automatically. Such automatic loading of content is also called lazy loading and is carried out by means of special JavaScript code.

If you would like to allow your storefront visitor manually navigate through long product lists you can disable the lazy loading feature. To do so simply remove the lazyloading-paging class name from templates list-thumbs.html and list-table.html using the built-in design editor as shown below:

<div class="block lazyloading-paging">
    {wa_pagination total=$pages_count attrs=['class' => "menu-h"]}

After this change simple paging navigation links will appear at the bottom of category pages:


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