Setting up email notifications in Shop-Script

Actions & events

Shop-Script supports automatic sending of various notifications upon occurrence of certain events. Notifications can be sent to online store's administrator, to customer, or to any other specified email address. A notification is sent only when the corresponding event has occurred.

An event and the fact of completion of a certain action executed on an order, e.g.: creation of a new order, acceptance of an order in backend, sending of order items to customer, adding of comments, etc. The default set of actions which you can execute on an order is displayed in backend section "SettingsOrder states" in the status-viewing area. Upon completion of an action (i.e. occurrence of the corresponding event) all notifications are immediately sent, which have been set up for this specific event.

Adding a new notification

To set up sending of a notification upon occurrence of a certain event, open backend section "SettingsNotifications". Look through the list of available notifications which has been created automatically during the installation of Shop-Script. If a suitable notification exists, you may use it or modify it to fit your specific needs.

To add a new notification, click on "Add custom notification" and specify the parameters described below.

  1. Choose the event which should make your notification be sent.
    If the desired event is not available in the list, add the corresponding action in section "SettingsOrder states" and then return to this step.
  2. Specify an arbitrary notification name; it will not be shown to the recipient and will be displayed in the backend only for your convenience.
  3. Ensure that the "Email" option is selected as the notification sending transport.
  4. Specify the recipient:
    • customer (notification will be sent to customer's email address, if specified)
    • administrator (notification will be sent to the email address specified in field "SettingsGeneral settingsPrimary email")
    • other (enter an arbitrary email address to which the notification should be sent)
  5. Field "Email body" contains a default notification template which you are free to modify. The template-editing field accepts various variables which are automatically replaced with their values when a notification is sent. For example, in the order creation notification there is variable {$}. When such a notification sent, this variable is replaced with the actual order No.

The complete list of available variables is accessible via the "Cheat sheet" link under the template-editing area.

In message templates you can use all tools provided by the Smarty template engine including the Webasyst API accessible via the $wa variable, exactly as it is possible in other templates and informational pages. More details on editing Smarty templates in Webasyst applications are available in the developer documentation.


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