Protecting product photos with a watermark

To protect your intellectual property rights on product photos published in your online store, get you personal watermark automatically applied to all images.

To do so, install the "Watermark" plugin in the "Plugins" section of your Shop-Script backend.

Upon installation, open watermark settings in "Plugins → Watermark".

  1. Select watermark type: plain text or custom image. Each of these options offers its own set of watermark settings: font size, color, and orientation for the text option, and file uploading, image size, and location for the custom image option.
  2. Test the watermark with a random product image. Click on "Change sample product" to see how your watermark will be applied to the real photos uploaded for your products.
  3. Check the result. With all necessary options selected, save your changes and check the result using the preview link.

Done! You can start uploading new product images, and all of them will be protected with your watermark.


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