Automatic calculation of international shipping cost

For automatic shipping cost calculation of orders shipped abroad, use the "Worldwide" shipping plugin.

1. Install plugin

To install the "Worldwide" shipping plugin, open Installer app in your store’s backend, find the plugin using the search field, open the plugin’s details page, and click "Install".

2. Add new shipping option to Shop-Script

Go to Store app and open section "Settings → Shipping". Select "Worldwide" in drop-down menu "Add shipping option".

Enter the desired title for your international shipping option just as it should be displayed to your customers.

Complete other settings:

Taxable. If necessary, select a tax rule set up in “Settings → Taxes” section. The selected tax rule will be applied only to the orders of customers from the regions listed in the selected tax rule’s properties.
Additional order picking time. Enter the number of hours which your staff usually needs to prepare an order for pickup by a customer. This time will be counted to show the order ready time to customers during in-cart checkout. This value will be taken into account to show order ready time to a customer during checkout.
Description. Enter a description to show additional information about this shipping option to customers.
Offer shipping to customer types. Select the types of customers to make this shipping option available to—only to persons, only to companies, or to both customer types. This setting is applied only to in-cart checkout.
Currency. Select the most convenient currency for shipping rates.
Weight dimension unit. Select a unit to specify weight threshold levels for shipping rates.
Store country: select a country to which worldwide shipping rates should not be offered. It is usually the country an online store is located in.
Delivery rates. Specify various properties of your shipping rates:

  • One rate for any package weight or separate rates for different weight values.
  • Common rates for all countries or separate rates for the European Union, all other countries, or individually selected countries.
  • If a list of regions is available for a selected country, then enter shipping rates for each region. For the case when a shopper does not specify a region for such a country in his shipping address, enter default shipping rate for the entire country, too.
  • Select approximate transit time for each country and region.

Save the settings.

3. Done

Now you have automatic international shipping cost calculation set up in your online store!


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