Recommended apps for running a successful online store

The main app required to open an online store is Shop-Script. It will allow you to perform most of the actions associated with selling something online; e.g., add products, receive payments, send email notifications to customers, process orders, view reports, etc.

In addition to these basic actions, an online store owner often does something more than just arranging a point of sales on the Internet, including various measures aimed at increasing client loyalty and thus improving sales performance. Below are listed Webasyst apps which you can use to easily accomplish those important additional tasks.

Publishing company news


Tell your website visitors what is new in your company's life, which may be site updates, new product arrivals, changes in your working time schedule, etc. The more often you add something new to your site, the more obviously it appears live to its visitors, where the administration does take care of its content's accuracy and promptly responds to their clients' queries. Online shoppers often pay attention to the way websites appear and prefer those which look as if "filled with life".

Publishing an online photo gallery


The most easy and efficient way to make the right impression on anybody is to show yourself off. So, take a bunch of great photos to show your clients how you work, where you work, how a client can find you to visit your office, how you receive visitors, how you smile. All these little things, when captured on high-quality photos, will make you appear as genuine professionals at the first sight. You will only need to provide the claimed service level to keep your customers satisfied.

Creating an online community (forum)


Do not let your clients feel abandoned with their unanswered questions and unsolved problems. Create for them an online discussion club — a help center combined with a forum, directly on your website. Every client will be able to find an answer to his question or ask other clients for advice. Clients helping each other, you saving time by not answering on some of their queries, your site's visit rate growing mean... profit!

Establishing a customer service department


Not all of your clients will search for an answer in your help center, because all people are different and you cannot change them. But it is easy to help them, especially if you have a handy tool for providing outstanding informational assistance. Do not fear to be overwhelmed by a large number of requests and other queries, you will not lose any of them and will be able to timely and professionally serve any customer or new site visitor. The possibility to send canned responses to frequently asked questions will free your precious time for other interesting and important tasks.

Sending bulk email newsletters


Do not just respond to clients' queries but be the first to make the contact! Create beautifully designed email newsletters, prepare subscriber lists for various types of topics, send messages to any number of recipients in only 3 simple steps, and then sit back and watch the message sending and reading report updated in real time directly in your account. Your news deserve being read!


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